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Why should I get chiropractic care during pregnancy?

During pregnancy the baby is developing rapidly.  It is important to make sure that mom's pelvis is in proper alignment and that her nervous system is properly functioning to ensure the baby has the best environment to develop in.  If a pregnant mother's pelvis is out of alignment even slightly it can create stress on the developing baby and on the mother.  Chiropractic adjustments can help to keep mom and baby healthy during this very exciting and important time.


Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

Most women think that low back pain and pelvic pains are a symptom that inevitably come along with pregnancy.  Did you know that chiropractic care throughout pregnancy has been shown to significantly decrease the common pains of pregnancy?  Women who get adjusted during their pregnancy not only experience a more comfortable pregnancy but also have a better chance of a quicker and more comfortable delivery.  Come in today to make sure you are properly aligned so you and your baby can have a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

Our Office

Our office is warm and welcoming for families and expecting mothers.  We have pregnancy pillows to accommodate for your growing belly as well as abdominal drop away built into our table for the most comfort through your adjustments.  We also have a wonderful play area for children to come to your appointments with you.  At our office your comfort is our priority.

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