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Fire Glass Cupping

Fire glass cupping is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  A fire is placed inside the cup to remove the oxygen so when the cup is placed on the skin it will form a suction to pull the skin upwards into the cup.  This form of cupping helps to release adhesions in the area that can be causing pain.  It also will help to increase blood flow to the area to assist in healing.  This treatment is commonly known for leaving circular bruise marks such as what was seen on Michael Phelps in the Olympics a few years ago.  These bruises are showing the effect of the blood pooling in the area and assisting in healing.  They should only last about a week and shouldn't be as painful as a bruise you may get from bumping into something or falling.  If the fire aspect worries you, we also provide cupping with silicone cups that provide suction on their own with no fire needed.  Be sure to ask our doctors if they think you would benefit from cupping.

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